COVID-19 is shining a spotlight on the way we live and we are blinded by it.

People walking through London Underground
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At 16 weeks into quarantine, it can be difficult to remember what life was like pre-COVID-19.

For some of us, the days go by a lot slower in what many call “the new normal.” For others, the pandemic means more time with family and less late nights at the office…

What Twitter’s latest trend says about our willingness to connect

Photo by Gleren Meneghin on Unsplash

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, chances are you’ve seen the latest trend to take the platform by storm: texting your “number neighbour.”

It’s a simple yet ingenious concept. All you have to do is text your “number neighbour” — the person who has the phone number one digit away…

Making the time you spend with others really matter

Photo by from Pexels.

Becoming a young adult is, in my experience, a time of intense self-questioning, reflection, and doubt. In most parts of the world, a human being’s time until the age of 18 is largely determined by the government through mandated education.


As technology makes itself comfortable, timeless methods of communication take a back seat.

A birthday wish from a good friend of mine. I tear up every time I read it.

“If our apartment was on fire, and you could save only one thing, what would it be?”

This was the question my brother asked me a few days ago from a survey he had seen. Almost instantly, I replied: “my memory box.”

My memory box is a large blue storage…

In case you haven’t noticed, human beings are obsessed with being busy. If we’re not at work or in class, we’re doing our homework, playing sports, going to events, partying with friends, attending meetings, making dinner, watching Netflix, singing, dancing, reading…the list goes on.

Even if we’re in a situation…

Prachir Pasricha

Passionate about human relations in our modern world. Author, “Global Cooling (The Not-So-Good Kind),” 2021/2022.

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